What’s New

12 Aug

So…my booth looks like this. If you go back and read along from the beginning, you might recall me saying that I was opening a booth in an antique mall in mid-July. That was the plan. However, in the way of new construction projects, not all of the inspections have happened on time…and here my booth sits, painted, cute flag garland a-flyin’, but with no stuff. It’s a bit confusing, too, because some people have been allowed to move in, but not everyone. And the Dread Scary Basement is as full of junk (and by that I mean super-cute vintage stuff that you probably can’t live without) as the booth is empty.

Which has not prevented the Mister and me from having junking adventures, including the Worlds! Longest! Yard Sale!  Which was indeed, long, although we just saw the Signal Mtn-area part of it.  Still, we took home several things, including some McCoy planters and a Roseville dog bowl (which my dogs are coveting).

On the agenda for this week…painting some display shelves and a plant stand for the booth (should it EVER be ready to fill…).


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