Estate Sale Report

3 Aug

ImageIt looks like Gas Lamp II MIGHT be open for sale next week, so I’ve been working on painting my booth and getting things together to hopefully load in by Wednesday of next week. Construction schedules never go on time, but it is getting closer to time to put everything together in one location, instead of the Dread Scary Basement, which is less than ideal on a lot of levels, I made this flag banner to go along the top walls of the booth, in an effort to have some kind of fun decor…it’s all vintage and repro fabrics from my sort of extensive stash. I really wanted to hire someone on Etsy to make this for me, but I waited too long and it’s kind of extravagent to spend the money. Seeing as how I have a sewing machine that costs more than my ex-husband’s car that I hardly ever use and all…#solazy. I can’t wait to hang it up! It took forever because I lined each flag so that it would hang nicely…anyway, I will post pictures of it in the booth soon, hopefullly.

Yesterday and today have been reasonable days at the estate sales; I bought an aqua bathroom cabinet at a Michael Graves sale yesterday for a great price…and can I just say that all things being equal, I will choose to go to his sales over other estate sale companies because he always has a Thursday discount code, he will do deals and discount heavily on the last day of his sales and he always has cookies out. (Very helpful when I have a kid with me…) I like how he does business.

ImageToday’s sale was in Mt. Juliet and I got some fun stuff including these awesome Tiki salt and peppers from Trader Vic’s! I almost never find tiki so that was nice. The planter is McCoy and I will be keeping that one; it has a chip and it was mega-cheap and perfect for my kitchen. The milk bottles and vintage maps will be going into the booth, though. The graphics on the maps are awesome…

Tomorrow the Mister and I are heading back to Atlanta and plan to hit a portion of the World’s Longest Yard Sale on the way.  I am super-excited and hope to find some great stuff. Even if I don’t, the Mister found a cute piece of Roseville via Craigslist that we are picking up. I will report back on what we find!


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