Estate Sale Report

28 Jul

ImageI don’t really like it when people take children to estate sales. There’s inevitably a crowd in the house and a lot of breakable stuff and the parent is always preoccupied. That being said…Dogwood Estate Sales always have good stuff and don’t act like first-day prices are totally carved in stone, so I couldn’t pass today’s sale up.  However, my son’s camp didn’t start until 9 and I was keeping my daughter at home so that she could spend time with her Nana later in the morning instead of going to preschool like usual. So, I had two semi-reluctant pickers-in-training with me. I delivered a stern talking-to in the car about being considerate of the people around them, sticking with me in the house and not touching anything breakable. It worked (for once) and they were actually pretty good and helped me carry things out to my pile at the register…but normally they are way too distracting to take to a sale. They didn’t really seem to understand WHY I had buy a dusty, taxidermied largemouth bass. (Because I want him to wear a tiny Santa hat at Christmas time?) but I am convinced that there is someone, somewhere who will buy him for their retro-themed man cave.

ImageI also got an amazing lamp that looks like a Conestoga wagon. I can’t turn down a hokey, western-themed lamp. The light goes under the cloth top…some little buckaroo or Laura Ingles Wilder fan needs this.

I found a ton of linens, too…including this bread basket liner that I can’t sell. Because it is too weird and I kind of love it. The biscuit is actually holding another biscuit at gunpoint. What kind of 1950’s embroidery pattern designer came up with that one?? Since when is armed robbery something you want to think about at the dinner table? WTF, 1950’s? I don’t know, but I love those weird little biscuit-headed bandits and I’m totally keeping it. ImageHowever, I’m selling the fish…and you can see (and buy him)–and by the way, we’ve named him Claude–at Gas Lamp II, Booth 387 after August 8th.


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