In the Pink

22 Jul

No estate sales this weekend; both of my kids are with me and so we are having some non-vintage adventures. My daughter lives with me in Nashville all but two weekends a month, but her 12-year-old brother mostly lives with his dad in Sewanee, TN so that he can attend a small private school. But it is summer and I am lucky to have both of them here for this week.  So, instead of hunting for vestiges of the 1950s, I got to hang out with some modern-day pink flamingos at the Nashville Zoo yesterday, among other critters.  But my son and I agreed that we liked the flamingos the best. Maybe I need some pink plastic ones for my yard? I love how they sleep with their beaks nestled into their feathers, carefully balanced on only one leg.

Tomorrow, I am back to shuttling kids to school and drama camp and I will need to make some more headway on pricing booth items in the Dread Scary Basement…only a few more weeks (hopefully) until my booth goes up at Gas Lamp II.


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