To Atlanta and Back Again…

20 Jul

ImageOn Tuesday, the Mister and I packed up and left for Atlanta. We hit a couple of estate sales in the area and also a few antique malls.  This one, Kudzu, was really nice–well-curated booths, very clean and well-lit and had some nice mid-century stuff at not-crazy prices. I didn’t buy anything there, but only because I’m trying hard to buy for my booth and not for my own personal collection-o-junk. If you are in Atlanta, though, this is a good place to stop!

Today we hit a couple of estate sales…the first one made me sad that we drove down in the Passat instead of my Jetta wagon. We are an all-Volkswagon family and my children are always confusing the Mister’s car and my car since they are sort of the same color (white for him, gold-ish for me). Mine is the one sized for antique-hauling, though.  We found a killer cabinet bar…1950’s, with an interior glass shelf that lifted up when you opened the top doors. But, it would not fit in the car…so we kept on going.

I’m still working my streak of Christmas decorations luck…I got 5 pImageutz houses and a putz church (church not pictured) for $1 each and they were all in fabulous condition….Mother and I have collected these for several years, and these are the nicest I have found for a very low price. They are in very excellent shape, which is nice because they are so fragile and usually stored in basements or attics where the humidity affects the cardboard.  I didn’t think that I could beat last week’s haul of handmade beaded ornaments but these are excellent and at the right price.

ImageAlso I got this super-cute 1950’s wooden stirrup lamp with fake brand marks for a fab price at an antique store outside of Atlanta. I love vintage western decor, the more kitschy the better. Somebody else is going to love this for their little boy’s cowboy-themed room, I hope…it is headed for the booth. Back in the day, my son’s nursery was done up in vintage cowboy-print barkcloth bedding that I sewed myself. Now he is 12 and his room is decorated with a dirty socks/Angry Birds motif. Not quite as charming.


I also found this super-cute notepad at the Kudzu…it sums up my current life philosopy perfectly.  The closer I get to age 40 (and I am DANGEROUSLY NEAR), the less I feel like doing it all. Mostly I feel like taking a nap.



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