Me & Enid Collins

16 Jul

ImageI have three Enid Collins bags, but this one is my favorite and the one I’ve found myself carrying a lot this summer. I got my first bag when I was in third grade, from my Granny, who was from Texas (of course!).  It was one of the small box bags and Gran had filled it full of sewing scraps, lace and thread. I had a mini-Singer sewing machine and was trying to learn to sew at the time, so this was a killer gift. I had no idea that the bag would one day be collectable and eventually ruined the lid by spilling nail polish remover on it…it was too bad, it was in perfect shape before that! I was surprised as an adult to see people younger than myself start collecting them, but their funky charm and glittery “more-is-more” Texas aesthetic is undeniably fun.

They go for decent prices on Etsy and Ebay but I’ve done pretty well when I find them in person, so I’m always on the watch.  I do use my bags rather than keep them on a shelf, and I was glad to find a Tandy leather store in town because the handles on this one will eventually need to be replaced. I’m okay with that; I think they are meant to be used and enjoyed.

The Mister and I are off to Atlanta tomorrow…I’m hoping to do my usual Thursday estate sale-ing in the State of GA on the way home. I think it will be a fun change of pace and hope to bring back some great stuff.  Not too much longer until the Gas Lamp II is ready to load in; I know that I’m not the only vendor who is ready to go!


2 Responses to “Me & Enid Collins”

  1. July 17, 2012 at 5:36 pm #

    Hi! Just leaving a comment because I couldn’t reply to you by email in regards to the comment you left on my blog last week! That is so funny that you picked up those same napkins – I was there at like 8:15, you must have been the first in line for the sale!! 🙂 That’s really cool to hear that Gas Lamp is opening a 2nd location – can you tell me where and when? So fun!

    • apronstringsvintage July 18, 2012 at 2:13 pm #

      Hi Jamie! Thanks for commenting…I am super-excited that the Gas Lamp is opening another store, and it is right around the corner from their current location, so hopefully traffic from the first one will also hit the second one. To find it, you turn left in front of Staples and follow the road down to the end of the warehouse row. They don’t have a sign out yet so it’s hard to spot, and so far my booth is framed but no pegboard walls. They were hoping to have it open by now but like most construction projects, it has gone slower than expected and they are looking at an August date. My basement is getting really cluttered so I hope it will be soon, though! I’ve seen your booth at the Nashville Antique Mall and you’ve got a wonderful eye for putting things together–very cool booth. Thanks again, and maybe I will see you around the local estate sales! Best, Lauren

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