Estate Sale Update II: Better Picking

15 Jul

ImageI usually go with a first day/early a.m. strategy for sales I really want to be at.  Most estate sale pros post pictures of the key items that will be available at their sales on-line at, so I go in knowing what I want and most times, I get it. With estate sales, the best stuff is there the first day…but the best deals? Are on the last day. I’m not a last day girl, but I’m thinking of changing my tune after yesterday’s last day pick at the Sheraton.   I initially didn’t plan to hit this sale because none of the stuff in the pictures was on my radar screen and I didn’t have a discount code for the first day.  I figured that it would be down to the dregs by the last day, so I wrote it off.

ImageThe Mister, however, is not a guy to give up very easily, and he asked me if I didn’t want to hit the sale when another one we’d been following on Craigslist didn’t turn out. So, we went to the Sheraton for the last day…which was 75% off day! And a TON of good stuff was left and all at prices that we were willing to pay.  Cookbooks, some killer 1960’s decorating books, a couple of tin trays with great graphics….two McCoy vases that the Mister struck an amazing deal on…some children’s books with sweet pictures/graphics. It was a good haul for a rainy Saturday! So, maybe I need to change my strategy and start circling back to sales that have a ton of stuff…it bears consideration, anyway. Oh, and I got a bag of postcards–all unused, and some from New Mexico (I am from Arizona and love Southwestern kitsch)…

ImageAlso, there were a bunch of postcards that you could send to people who were skipping out on Sunday School. Look! This baby thinks brunch is totally overrated and that you should get moving on Sunday. Be At Bible School, people! Or else. By the way, it is Sunday. I already missed the first service.

Also, (below) Building A Better World? It’s all on you, churchgoers.  No pressure! I’m actually going to church today so I do not qualify for the Postcards of Guilt, but they are kind of hilariously earnest and very 1950s.

Guilt in postcard form


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