Estate sale update

13 Jul

ImageI’m glad we’re finally getting rain in Nashville but it’s not great estate sale weather. Today’s sales were equally not great, although I got a few things, including this set of Pyrex in the best condition I’ve ever seen. They look like they’ve never been used; not a scratch. Into the store they go…I really love avocado green.  I don’t use it in my kitchen as I prefer 1940s/50’s colors, but it was around so much when I was a kid that I really enjoy the nostalgia of avocado.  Mother had a washer and dryer set that were this shade of green and at the time, I thought they were sooooo ugly and dated. Nowadays, I really like autumnal colors and I think it was a great departure from good ol’ white. Times and tastes change!

ImageI also got this cute blue Royal Traveller suitcase…the inside is perfect and there’s no “grandma’s attic” smell…always a possibility with old luggage!  I own a vintage Samsonite train case and small suitcase that I travel with occasionally and I always get compliments. I’ve been seeing vintage Samsonite in movies all summer…from Suzy Bishop’s vintage yellow suitcase in “Moonrise Kingdom” to Victoria Winter’s blue Samsonite in “Dark Shadows.”

The colors of vintage luggage make it easy (mine are turquoise, similar to this…) to pick out in a sea of near-identical black rolling bags on the baggage carousel. I have a few other pieces that will appear in the booth with this suitcase and I’m always on the lookout for them.


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