The Price is Right!

9 Jul


Vintage lunch boxes = super-cute storage

I’m hard at work pricing and tagging things for the booth. My booth will be at a new antique mall, located around the corner from it’s sister mall, Gas Lamp Antiques, which has been around awhile in Nashville and is very well-established. I looked at two other malls before settling on this one…Gas Lamp has rent that I consider to be on the higher side, but it’s also air-conditioned, clean, well-lit (if you’ve been to a LOT of antique malls, you’ll know that’s not really the case with all of them) and the other renters seem actively committed to working their business and creating an interesting-looking booth (again, not always the case. Some booths in certain malls seem like a dumping ground. Or, the inventory never seems to change. In this case it seems that the vendor doesn’t really want to part with anything, because she/he sets the prices higher than the market will bear. Like they say on Pawn Stars, people…it’s only worth what someone is willing to pay for it, right??  And people’s willingness to pay can be affected by a lot of things; the recession being one. Anyway…I should go down to the Dread Scary Basement and get back to work with the price tags….


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