What’s in your refrigerator dishes?

2 Jul

I love refrigerator dishes. Several years back, when the whole BPA-in-plastics thing came to light, I decided to get rid of all of my Rubbermaid food storage dishes and replace them in the most vintage way possible. So, Mother and I went on the hunt for refrigerator dishes of various shapes and sizes.  These retro, glass-topped boxes are the 1940s-50s version of Tupperware and are as useful and handy today as they were then. They have the added advantage of being adorable and can be found in most antique malls at reasonable prices. Pyrex makes refrigerator dishes in a variety of colors and patterns and those seem to be popular right now.  Early refrigerator manufacturers often included a set of refrigerator dishes with the sale of a refrigerator. I have a few by Westinghouse that will appear in the booth, which I found at a flea market in North Carolina.

These have great retro style, and come with a matching refrigerator pitcher which is missing the lid.  I’m hoping to find a lid on ebay…they sometimes turn up. I think that these dishes are so much more stylish than Rubbermaid containers, and I tend to take care of them better because they are so cute and vintage. No lost lids anymore!  Leftovers heat up well in my Pyrex versions, and I’ve even microwaved them, although I am hesitant to do it too much because of the age.  They are also cute serving dishes and I love to open my modern fridge and see colorful vintage stuff.

Today, my refrigerator dishes hold a caprise salad and a marinated cucumber salad.  It is super-hot in Nashville today and cold salads sounded good.  These will both keep for several days. If you have/use/like refrigerator dishes, I would love to hear about it!


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