I heart Roseville

2 Jul

One of my favorite, favorite things is Roseville Pottery. Made in Zanesville Ohio primarily in the 1940s, it’s known for it’s pretty glazes and era-specific shapes. Some lines and colors are more collectable than others. I also have some McCoy, Weller and Van Briggle, but Roseville is really my favorite. Searching for it in antique stores has always been fun. I started noticing it with Mother when we went antiquing together when I was growing up. (I’m 39. OLD AS THE HILLS.)


So pretty!

My favorite is pine cone (above)…I have several pieces in the brown color, although it also comes in green and blue. I don’t see it in antique stores very often, and when I do, the seller knows what they have and prices it for a collector’s market. When I started buying it a number of years ago, the prices were higher but the recession has put more on the market than there used to be so I have noticed a drop.

ImageI also like the apple blossom pattern and have a little…the green is the better color; it also comes in blue.  The pink vase will go in the booth; I found it at the Nashville flea market for a very good price. It has a hairline crack in the top but is otherwise lovely. Mother bought the green bowl; we couldn’t resist it.

There’s a lot of Roseville on ebay, as you might imagine.  The buy-it-now prices are usually a little steep and I tend not to love a bidding war, so I don’t buy it there for my personal collection. Besides, hunting for it is half the fun. The Mister has gotten in on the game and is learning to look for the matte glaze and unique shapes at estate sales.

ImageHe found this vase in the Clematis pattern.  It’s circa 1944 and is a less collectable piece, although I like the shape very much. It was at an East Nashville estate sale, priced waaaay too high. The woman running the estate sale knew Roseville = collectable but she hadn’t done any research on lines or price points. I told him that if he could get it for me for less than half, it would be worth picking up.  The Mister, unlike me, is a born wheeler/dealer and he also loves a challenge. He did a deal on it and we walked out with this vase, two Glassbake pans and a vintage “For Sale” sign for less than half of the sticker price.  That guy comes in handy! (also he’s pretty cute.)


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