The Nashville Boogie: Recap

7 May
It's a postcard! It's a record! It's a record/postcard!

It’s a postcard! It’s a record! It’s a record/postcard!

Hey ho…so, last weekend, Nashville was host to a real, live rockabilly weekender-type event at Gaylord Opryland Resort. The Nashville Boogie kicked off it’s first year in style, and the Mister and I were excited to go. Well, I was mostly in it for the shopping and people-watching, and the Mister was in it because he is pleased anytime his wife wants to voluntarily leave the house and do something social. (I am kind of a hermit, it’s true. At least compared to the Mister, who is a huge extrovert.)

We skipped the Thursday pre-party, but on Friday we arrived in time to have dinner at the Jack Daniels restaurant at the resort (it was meh–FYI, their hot chicken is not the same as actual hot chicken. Go to Prince’s for real Nashville hot chicken.) and hit the vendor booths before watching the Frantic Rockers and later, Big Sandy, perform. IMG_1876I carried one of my favorite Enid Collins bags, and wore a custom NudeeDudee shirt made from vintage fabric. It was fun to dress to the western theme of the event! The vendor area was nice and spacious and there were no crowds to fight on Friday, so I had a great time shopping. I ended up with two vintage cardigans and a pair of denim cigarette pants from Billie Jo Retro.IMG_1877I ran into Ashley of Lisa Fremont Street blog and YouTube fame…she looked gorgeous (as usual!) in a beautiful green Whirling Turban dress.  She created some special Boogie-inspired hairstyling tutorials in honor of the event, which you can find on her You Tube channel here.  I’m hairstyling-challenged, but Ashley is a talented lady who makes it look easy!

photo credit: Sabrosa Vintage

photo credit: Sabrosa Vintage

Local vendors included Sabrosa Vintage, an awesome collection of curated ladies and men’s clothing and accessories by a former co-worker of mine from the estate sale business. This booth looked great! Hang the Moon vintage consignment had a really nice-looking booth, as well. There was really good representation by local folks…Closet Case Vintage and Katy K designs were there, as well. After the vendor booths, we watched the music but I didn’t take any pictures.
So, here is what I wore on Saturday. We went to the car show in the afternoon…there were lots of really great cars to see–it was an indoor event and the car show area was packed with vehicles from TN car clubs and beyond. IMG_1887Here’s the Mister goofing around by a vintage police car, pretending he’s being arrested.IMG_1894The hood ornament on this shiny green car was beautiful. IMG_1895 My outfit is another NudeeDudee custom…the boots are my mother’s from the 1960’s, and the tooled leather belt and handbag are vintage from the flea market.
IMG_1891 While the Mister and I were trying to find the outdoor portion of the car show, we ran into Dollie DeVille…I’m a longtime fan of her blog, The Rockabilly Socialite. She was just lovely, and very gracious to let me snap a photo with her. I’m usually very reticent to approach people who are well-known, but I promised myself that if I ran into her, I would be brave. Mission accomplished!
IMG_1889 The fashion show was next on our agenda…local designer/bartender Riley Reed put together a really nice event featuring a really beautiful assortment of western wear. Here is another local gal, boutique owner/singer Tanya Montana Coe modeling a beautiful dress by Manuel. This photo isn’t the best but if you look under #nashvilleboogie on Instagram, you will find lots of great shots of all of the fashion show outfits. IMG_1890 My poor old IPhone camera did not do this event justice, so do go to Instagram…the clothes were spectacular. IMG_1892Next up was the Pin-Up Beauty Pageant, and here I am with the winner, Miss Britty Leigh. She did a great job and was super-cute. I hope she enjoys her title and has fun with it!
IMG_1898I changed into this vintage repro dress for dinner…my handbag is another Enid Collins. IMG_1897We had dinner at an Italian restaurant in one of the beautiful atrium areas at the resort. The food was average but the atmosphere was great…in my opinion, this is an excellent venue for the Nashville Boogie–and it can accommodate the growth that it will hopefully have in years to come!

All in all, I was very impressed with the promotional work that was done for the event, and the event organization and staffing…it was very well-done. Kudos to Muddy Rootsfor a great event…we will see you next year!

Mrs. T

Flea Market Finds: April

26 Apr Bring your cart! (Or buy a cart there....)

The Nashville Flea Market swings into high gear this month…warmer temperatures and sunshine mean the return of lots of vendors, which means more great vintage stuff! I stopped by on Friday morning to try to beat the rainy weather…but it turned out to be nice all weekend.  There is nothing I like better than wandering around the fairgrounds and searching through tables of old junk, hunting for just the right thing.

Bring your cart! (Or buy a cart there....)

Bring your cart! (Or buy a cart there….)

So…what ended up in my little red cart this month? I actually hate hauling a cart because it’s so cumbersome but I always buy so much that it’s become a necessity.IMG_1861 This was a great month. I found a fantastic pink metal child’s stove, PINK Pyrex bowls, a nice length of barkcloth (only $5!), a chalkware fish and bubbles, a green train case in great condition, a small red and white striped Hazel Atlas bowl, aqua bowl dated 1956,  yellow Pyrex fridgie, a planter in the shape of a guy playing the accordion, green fridge dish with glass lid, tiny pink swan planter and a cashew tin.

There are so many great vendors each month but Mister and I are always impressed with the vintage clothes and accessories that Susan Moon of Hang the Moon consignment (located at the flea in the Wilson building) brings.

Hang the Moon Consignment...cute stuff!

Hang the Moon Consignment…cute stuff!

Susan offers an eclectic blend of on-trend vintage…everything from shoes to 1950’s dresses to jewelry. She’s going to be a vendor at the Nashville Boogie next week (I can’t wait!) so if you missed her this weekend, you can shop there.

Hang the Moon Consignment

Hang the Moon Consignment

Susan Moon, me, and an awesome dress that is slightly too tiny for my waist...too bad I'm not built like a 1950's girl!

Susan Moon, me, and an awesome dress that is slightly too tiny for my waist…too bad I’m not built like a 1950’s girl!

Hang the Moon...such cute stuff!

Hang the Moon…such cute stuff!

The Nashville Flea Market is open on the third weekend of the month. There are vendors from over 30 states…so you never know what will be there!

How about you…are you a flea market shopper? If so, what’s your favorite flea market find? (I have so many, I’m not sure I could choose!)
Happy treasure hunting!
Mrs. T

Betty Draper’s Vintage Kitchen

22 Apr

Whenever there’s a kitchen scene in a movie or TV show that is depicting the 1930’s-1970’s…I watch carefully to see what items the set dresser(s) selected. I’m a huge fan of the AMC show “Mad Men”, and any time there is a scene set in a kitchen, I’ve practically got my nose pressed to the TV screen to take in all the details. This week’s episode, “Forecast”, set in 1972, featured several scenes in Betty Draper’s kitchen, which is a great set…it’s a 1930’s kitchen that has gradually been updated over the years to include 1950’s/early ’60’s-era pink appliances, so it’s an eclectic mix. bettykitchenNote the yellow Cosco kitchen stool in the background…I have one just like it!

If you are a Pyrex fan or collector, did you spot the Pyrex in this episode? IMG_1820When Betty briefly opens the refrigerator, you will catch a glimpse of a few Pyrex refrigerator dishes in the “Butterprint” pattern, which was manufactured from 1957-1968.  So, if you are a Butterprint collector, you might have the exact same set that Betty Draper uses! This is a set that I have that are supposed to go up for sale in my booth. And they will. Someday. When I can bear to part with them…

Krispy Kan!

Krispy Kan!

Also, you might have noticed a green version of this tin cracker canister in Betty’s kitchen? This is a Krispy Kan, notable for the glass knob full of blue crystals which was designed to remove moisture from the items in the canister. When it turned white, you can re-activate it’s moisture-removing properties by briefly baking the knob in the oven and then screwing it back on the lid. This is actually the second Krispy Kan they’ve used in a Mad Men kitchen–there was a yellow one in Sylvia’s NYC apartment kitchen. Krispy Kans are relatively easy to find and come in several colors including red, turquoise and yellow…I like the cute cracker flowers!

There’s actually an exhibit of a different “Mad Men” kitchen set–Betty’s 1950/60’s era kitchen from the Ossining , NY house set at the Museum of the Moving Image in NYC going on now through June 14, 2015. The photos I have seen look amazing.

What about you…do you keep an eye out for any particular sort of collectible in movies or TV? Are you a “Mad Men” fan? Just a few episodes left in the series!


Mrs. T

Spring is here…

13 Apr

Happy spring! Here I am, dressed to go to the Cheekwood botanical garden to see all the spring tulips. As you can see, I enjoy a theme…and I also enjoy dressing up a little to go to tourist-y attractions. I always think it’s more fun if I am dressed up for it…not crazy-formal, but on the dressier side of casual. Why not?

My 1970’s-era wrap skirt is a $5 purchase from the World’s Longest Yard Sale last summer and the shirt is from the Kayce Hughes annual clearance sale…I paid $12. Cheap, cheap!  I’m always looking for deals and  trying to make my clothes budget go a tiny bit further…IMG_1803Cheekwood is very beautiful this time of year; if you have a chance to go before the tulips are done blooming, you really should. It also features a circa 1935 mansion-turned-art museum with very nice china and silver collections, including some Paul Revere silver. IMG_1801I’ve got some new spring-themed items in the booth, including this Pyrex “Ivy” patterned Cinderella bowl chip and dip with the original cradle. IMG_1793And I’ve got some new Pyrex snowflake…wrong time of year for it, but aqua is such a popular color that I figured that I would put it out anyway….IMG_1796Hopefully spring has sprung, wherever you are, and you are getting to enjoy it!


Mrs. T

Hippity Hoppity!

30 Mar

Easter is less that a week away…I love vintage Easter décor, pastel colors, Easter candy (make mine See’s please!), pretty flowers, new dresses and church services. For me, Easter is also the start of yard flamingo season (I only put mine out in the spring/summer). Easter might just be my favorite holiday. And what is more perfect for Easter than bunny slippers?

photo credit: Boudoir by D'lish at

photo credit: Boudoir by D’lish at

These are bunny slippers for grown-ups made of recycled mink coats, made by burlesque star Catherine D’lish, and available here. Amazing, right? FYI…this isn’t a sponsored post and I don’t own these (on account of, unlike Dita Von Teese, who does own then, my slipper budget is not $499-$599)…I just thought that they were really cool.

photo credit: Boudoir by D'lish at

photo credit: Boudoir by D’lish at

They come in lots of colors, including pink. I KNOW. Sigh. One of you lovely readers needs to buy them and if you do, please tell me how awesome they are so I can live vicariously through you.

But for bunny slipper fans on a budget, we do have options! IMG_1772These are Flip Hops, available on Amazon here for $20-25 depending on your size. Bunny slipper cuteness that won’t break the bank! They are super-comfy…these are actually the second pair I’ve owned…I wore the first out. And yes, I do realize that wearing slippers that are reminiscent of Ralphie’s deranged rabbit costume from “A Christmas Story” could be considered a questionable life choice. But whatever. Dita Von Teese wears the mink version! That probably makes it okay.  (Again, not a sponsored post, I bought them with my own $20 because I genuinely like these goofy things.) I will warn you that they run large, so size down if you order them.

Happy Easter!

xoxo…Mrs. T

Flea Market Haul: March

29 Mar

Hi there! Flea market season starts picking up in Nashville in March…this month had several return vendors and lots of good stuff. Thankfully we are finally having a bit of spring weather…it has been a cold and snowy winter here.

IMG_1768I’ve gotten a few good things this weekend. Here is my haul from today…IMG_1770The Mister spotted the four “Ranger Joe” Hazel Atlas children’s mugs…he had seen Frank Fritz buy one of these little mugs on the television show American Pickers a few months ago and tried to get it for me as a surprise, but apparently they could not locate it to sell it to him. He was so pleased to find them…and he paid exactly what Frank paid! The tin is a coffee tin…I liked the horse decal.  The sampler is from the twenties–I will frame it and put it in the booth. The yellow clock was a bit of a gamble. I love vintage clocks and I always try to stock a few in the booth, but this one was black with dirt when I found it in a jumble of stuff. After scrubbing it for 45 minutes with Barkeeper’s Friend cleanser and a toothbrush, this is how it looks! So cute, right? It works great.

IMG_1764And this is my haul from Friday…two nice barkcloth curtain panels, a great cake cover, two really cute glasses with holiday graphics, a cookbook, a gardening book and the sweet pink McCoy flower pot. So, not a ton of stuff, but I was happy with what we ended up with.

I know that I am a bit slow to update this blog, but if you’d like to follow what I’m up to on a more day-to-day basis, my Instagram link is in the sidebar…it is faster and easier for me to share little bits of what’s going on around here in that way.
Happy spring!
Mrs. T


Just a quick hello…

12 Feb

IMG_1678 Hi there! How is it we are already halfway through February? I had the Mister take this photo to show off the paper edging (with cactuses!) that I added to my jadite cabinet…it’s a flea market find, along with the $8 cashmere sweater I’m wearing.
IMG_1671 The Mister took this fun panoramic shot of my booth…we’ve been filling it up–I’m excited about the white Hoosier cabinet we found. You guys know I’ve wanted a Hoosier cabinet forever.
IMG_1672 We went antiquing in Franklin last weekend. I love to see what other dealers put together in their booths. It was so pretty and sunny…I’m ready for spring! Is it spring yet?


Mrs. T

Jadite Delivered to Your Door?

3 Feb

A couple of years ago, I came across a jadite grease jar with what I thought was the wrong lid. It looked like this: IMG_1635At the time, I thought that the original Fire-King grease jar lid, featuring little tulips, had been lost and some resourceful person had found a spare to fit from a cottage cheese jar of the same size. This is what the tulip lid looks like: IMG_1660I went ahead and sold the jar with the cottage cheese lid in the booth. Later, I read that jadite was occasionally used in dairy promotions…specifically to sell cottage cheese. Here’s a photo from one of the jadite collector’s guide by Joe Keller & David Ross: IMG_1659 It’s not the same dish; that promo featured a chili bowl, but it got me thinking…why not a grease jar…which is actually a better size for cottage cheese? At any rate, I had no way of knowing whether or not it was a cottage cheese promotional jar or the wrong lid on a regular grease jar…and the jar was sold anyway, so I quit thinking about it.

Until last week! When lo and behold, I found another one, you guys! So, it can’t be a coincidence…this was a promotion by Nashville Pure Milk Company in which cottage cheese was sold in jadite grease jars. I’m definitely keeping this one. I wonder if I will come across any more? Be on the lookout, Nashville friends…

Another interesting thing…the Mister was helping me at the Glencliff sale and he picked out this a tiny cookbook. (That is, after he nabbed all the jadite at this sale because you really don’t come between The Mister and the jadite. He has pointy elbows and he will use them.)  I opened it today when I was prepping some things to put in the booth and a little card fell out. Look at this…IMG_1655 And here is the front of the card: IMG_1656 The cookbook, published in 1954, was a promotional Christmas gift from their milkman at Nashville Pure Milk Co. Can you imagine getting jadite jars of cottage cheese delivered to your door?? Sign me up for that!! Also, this milkman has better penmanship than pretty much everyone I know, including me.

So, a fun little mystery was solved, and I feel like a got a peek into life in that little Glencliff cottage, where a nice milkman brought fancy jars of cottage cheese and free cookbooks at Christmas. Those were the days!


Mrs. T

Vintage Skills: Ironing

20 Jan


Let’s talk about one of my favorite old-fashioned skills…ironing! (Note: I read a lot of Laura Ingalls Wilder books as a kid and have never gotten over my subsequent overly-romantic view of old-fashioned skills.) I understand that a lot of people “don’t iron” but I guess my question is, why? You can make ANY outfit look 110% better by ironing it. Want clothes to hang better? Iron them. Want cheap clothes to look more expensive? Iron them. Want to look more grown up and put-together, even in casual clothes? Iron. Want to feel productive and accomplished while watching “Downton Abbey”? Friend, pick up that iron. Want to work on those bingo wings? Iron! Want your sewing projects to turn out better? Seriously, learn to iron.

I actually prefer to use the Tennessee pronunciation of ironing: ahrn-nin. Every time I turn on the iron, I loudly announce to everyone within earshot that I am going to be ahrn-nin. It does not get old.ironing2 I’m not going to lie, ironing is tedious and boring, but it’s not hard! If nobody ever taught you to iron, it’s not too late to learn. Here’s what you need to get started:

1. An iron. A cheap one from Target or Wal-Mart is FINE. You don’t need fancy settings to get good results with an iron.
2. A gallon jug of distilled water. This is VERY important! Never put regular water in your iron. It will create mineral build-up and will cause your iron to sputter and not work well. Seriously–trust me on this! Your iron will last longer and work better with distilled water. You can find it with the bottled water at the grocery store.
3. An ironing board, although you can cover a table with a towel in a pinch. Available at Target or Wal-Mart, cheap.

Before you start, make sure that your iron is on the right setting for the type of fabric you are ironing. Cottons and wools will need a higher heat and a steam setting to get the wrinkles out. Silk and rayon don’t need as much heat. On your lighter settings, you won’t need steam. Just check the label on your clothes, and set the dial on the iron accordingly.

When you iron, keep the iron moving–don’t let it rest on the fabric for any length of time or you will risk scorching it or leaving an imprint of the iron plate.

Another tip: don’t pack your clothing tightly in your closet; this will create wrinkles. Clothing needs a little room to hang freely.

If you are reading this and thinking, “Oh, I use Downy Wrinkle Release and it really works just as well as ironing”…sorry, but no. It makes things look slightly less wrinkly, but not crisp and pressed.  The same goes for throwing something in the dryer with a damp towel…it’s only slightly better than not ironing.

Ironing is a skill; you will get better with practice. If your collars and cuffs don’t look great at first, keep at it! Pat yourself on the back for making the effort and tell everyone in the house not to bother you….you’re ahrn-nin!

With love,

Mrs. T

Collecting: Clarice Cliff “Tee Pee” Teapot

13 Jan

I love vintage western-themed china or dinnerware pieces. I have mentioned before on the blog that I collect Homer Laughlin china in the Mexicana and Hacienda patterns. This Christmas, Mother gave me a new addition to my collection–a teepee teapot. This 1950’s era teapot was created by popular English Art Deco ceramist Clarice Cliff for the Canadian tourist market.
The body of the teapot is a teepee; the spout is an Indian chief and the handle is a totem pole (apparently. To me, it looks like some kind of weird monkey?).  IMG_1527 Here is a better view of the spout. The detail is really nice and the theming is very cool. From what we’ve been able to glean on the internet, this is a popular piece with collectors of both Clarice Cliff’s ceramics and novelty teapots alike.IMG_1528 Here is the stamp on the bottom. It was designed to appeal to 1950’s-era tourists to Canada who would purchase items to take home. I totally would have bought one, wouldn’t you? IMG_1531 The colors of the teapot go well with my Homer Laughlin, don’t they? I love this piece–it’s very unique! The only problem with being a collector of dishes is storage. There are so many dinnerware patterns that I would love to collect, but I mostly concentrate on jadeite and my Homer Laughlin. People are often surprised to hear that almost all the Pyrex I have found or picked has been for the booth; I do not keep very much of it, at all. I like Pyrex but I really like it all and since I can’t settle on a pattern or color as a favorite, and I don’t have room for a huge collection of it…I tend to send it on to the booth rather than keep it.

Thanks, Mother, for the great teapot! And happy collecting to all of you!


Mrs. T


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