9 Dec


So…I’m not a big Black Friday shopper but like you, I get a lot of emails about sales and deals and whatnot. Talbots sent me a notice that they had everything 50% off with free shipping and that’s the kind of deal that gets my attention so I went and looked at their sweaters. Do you know who will never have enough sweaters? Me. That is your answer.

And APPARENTLY they created a special intarsia cashmere sweater commemorating the opening of their first store in 1947. Do you know who loves the 1940’s? Also me. Not to mention that I love Talbots enough to wear an image of their first store on an intarsia sweater. I loved Talbots in college, when it was 100% not cool because that was in the 1990’s and “grunge” was popular…photographic evidence indicates that I never noticed the whole “grunge” trend because I wore Cole-Haan loafers for pretty much the whole decade.

Talbots has a special place in my heart because I helped open the Hanover, NH store. I also worked at and then assistant managed the Chattanooga, TN store over a period of several years. I love selling preppy clothes! So…what sealed the deal on this particular sweater is that it’s a limited run of 300. There are only 300 of these sweaters for Talbots nerds to buy. Are there actually 300 of us?


I don’t know but I am #7. The seventh biggest Talbots nerd in possibly the world and I have the intarsia sweater to prove it.

Whatever y’all are, be a good one. #7 at least.


Mrs. T

P.S. Thanks Mother for the sweater! Love you!

It’s beginning to look at lot like…

30 Nov


First Christmas sweater of the year time! This one is from the flea market…an embroidered 1950’s era cardigan with pearl buttons for $20 that is in great shape. I bought it in the spring so it’s my first chance to wear it. And yes, I do have kind of a lot of eye wrinkles for a 41-year-old person. That’s what happens when you are of English descent but grow up in Arizona.IMG_1282 This was my Thanksgiving centerpiece…roses were $4 for a half dozen at Trader Joe’s and the pretty vase is a flea market special…part of my green pottery collection. Tablecloth was from a Belle Meade area estate sale and was $7.IMG_1277

This is our dining room table all set for Thanksgiving dinner…the china is Spode Jewel from Mother, the silver is from the Mister’s grandma and we put up the tree so that our Thanksgiving company could enjoy it. The tablecloth is a tad short, but c’est la vie. We hadn’t ever put in the leaves to expand the table so we didn’t know it would be too short beforehand.purpledressThis is me today…getting alterations done to my dress for a friend’s upcoming wedding. The dress is from Tatyana here in Nashville, and Anna is their in-house alterations person who is helping me. My friend specified a dark purple dress for bridesmaids. There is lots of sparkle to detract from eye wrinkles. Tatyana is a fun, retro-inspired dress store downtown, and they carry sizes up to 4X…it’s for everyone, and I like that.

Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!


Mrs. T

Flea Market Finds: November

24 Nov

The Mister and I went to the flea market on Friday…it’s been a really, really long time since I went on Friday, and hey guess what? That’s totally the day to go because it is not crowded–at all!–and all the best stuff is there. Huh. It had been so long that I had totally forgotten all about that. But, I have Fridays off now, and starting in 2015, I will have all the days off because I am leaving my day job and returning to being a mom/wife/antique booth nerd on a full-time basis. Very excited about that stuff. Anyway, the flea market…


So, the Mister’s jadeite quest continues…we only ended up with this restaurant ware cup and saucer because it was kind of a puny month for jadeite, otherwise he totally would have bought more. The cup has a pretty shape, doesn’t it?


I got two pairs of early 1950’s pajamas, one satin and one rayon, and this beautiful aqua silk and lace gown from favorite vendor…$10 each. They are deadstock, with original paper size tags attached. Never washed, never worn. The dealer pulled them out of an attic in their original gift boxes. I have since washed and ironed them and all three are beautiful…and my size. So, these are not headed to the booth…I’m going to keep and wear them. See why Friday is the day to go to the flea??  The lace on the gown and one set of pajamas is very high quality and all of the fabrics are very nice. These may be pre-1950s, especially the gown and satin pajamas; I’ve seen a similar pajama set dated to the 1940’s on a vintage clothing site but I’m just not the most knowledgeable about vintage clothing so I’m not sure.

Before I had my booth or did a lot of shopping at flea markets and estate sales, I would wonder how people found “the good stuff”–really nice vintage in great condition, at great prices. And I really think that they answer is that you have to get out there, a lot, and you have to spend a good amount of time going through piles and racks and booths and asking questions. It never hurts to be friendly to a flea market vendor and it’s always good to tell them what you are looking for–they may start sourcing it just for you.


This Pyrex cutie IS headed to the booth…the light shining through it makes it look a bit worn but it is actually in very nice shape. Oh, Pyrex. I still like Pyrex but in the last three years the prices have risen steadily and the availability has decreased as more and more people have started collecting.  I don’t necessarily like charging the prices I’m currently charging for it in the booth, but because I’m paying more than ever, I’m charging more than ever. Pyrex still has the most narrow margin of anything I sell.


Pyrex aside, I’m buying a few fun things to put away for a future spring/Easter booth update…I love basket purses and this little cutie with the plastic flowers is adorably 1960’s. The tiny flower pot is McCoy.

The November flea market is one of my favorites…did you get a chance to go this month? What did you get? If you aren’t local, I hope you are finding fun things in your area.

What’s new around here….

19 Nov


Hi y’all! This is me on a recent trip to my favorite state (Texas!), when I loaded up all my children and my parents and my aunt and then the Mister drove us, Griswold-vacation-style out into the country for an hour in a rented mini-van to go shop for Enid Collins bags. Sorry, family! You do know that when I tell you we’re going someplace super-fun, I mean the antique mall.


In other news, the Mister has developed a take-no-prisoners attitude toward the jadeite lately. It has started to offend him that there is jadeite that does not belong to me. Whenever we pass a piece by, he’s like, “But WHY? WHY don’t you want that piece??” I sure did want these jadeite refrigerator dishes, though. They are the only fridge dishes that I think are too nice to use! I’m conflicted…I want to use them but what if I break one?


Case in point, the Mister just interrupted my typing to show me a photo of the jadeite-green toilets in the Hermitage hotel here in Nashville. “Look! They have jadeite toilets!!” he says, brandishing the phone. I hope they are bolted down, or the Mister will be trying to make a deal on them. He means business, that guy. This set is so cute. The lid on the salt shaker is a bit worn but everything else looks great.


I actually have some jadeite in the booth to sell right now, including these sweet Jane Ray cups and saucers. Did any of you spot the jadeite and Pyrex in the recent HBO movie, “Olive Kitteridge”? The movie wasn’t that good but I do enjoy it when I spot some of my favorite vintage kitchenware on film.


I’m also getting into the Christmas spirit in the booth…this cute Santa has the year 1955 written on the back. I pulled him out of an estate in Belle Meade…I love that someone thought to write the date down when they got him.

I’m going to try to post a bit more frequently…it seems hard to start again now that I’m out of the habit, but I still enjoy vintage treasures and sharing them with you.


Mrs. T

Macrame Comeback

4 Oct

I was born in 1973. And my Mother is very crafty. She was crafty way before Michael’s stores and Pinterest.  So, of course she did macramé crafts. She made a very incredible macramé hanger for a plant, a rug for my brother’s room that looked like a lion and also a wall hanging that looked like a longhorn steer head (if you are from Texas, that is a completely logical thing to make out of macramé).  I think we may still have the lion rug somewhere (I’m not saying that Mother never throws anything out, but her estate sale will be EPIC.)  Every craft fair I went to with my Mother my whole life, I could pick something up that I wanted and she would glance at it and say, “I could do that.”  And she sure can.

I got a West Elm catalog today, and do you know what was in it?

Oh, West Elm. Mother can do that! Anyway, I guess macramé is cool. Or maybe it’s ironic and therefore cool, like taxidermy? Y’all…did you ever foresee a day when macramé would make a comeback? Honestly, I did not. But you know what? This reminds me, strongly, that you just have to find your own style and choose what YOU love. One decade’s cool stuff is another decade’s totally uncool stuff…but if you wait long enough? It’s cool again. If macramé can come back, Lord love it, anything can.

So, enjoy trendy things but keep in mind…today’s granite countertops and stainless appliances are tomorrow’s “what were we thinking??”

You know what I love this week?
This desk, and this chair. circa 1970 from Hammary Furniture…Cherry wood, dovetailed joints in the drawers. Bought for less than anything new I could find at IKEA. I genuinely like the 1970 styling of the chair back.
This buffet. It has two drawers made to hold and organize sterling silver. A late 1960’s Pennsylvania House special. Again, dovetailed joints and cherry wood. $80, y’all. This was an expensive piece, in the day. I helped the Mister carry it out of an estate sale, and then into our house, and I’m not gonna lie, I’m tired. And possibly my arms might never be the same.
This table. I sure do like this table. It has three leaves, and a table pad that’s made for it. Cherry, classic Queen Anne lines. It didn’t seem that heavy after I carried my end of the buffet. On account of I no longer actually have feeling in my arms.
Whatever you like…you just gotta go with it. At some point, it will be the least cool thing, ever. But eventually, it might just come around again! You never know.

Mrs. T

Possibly it’s been awhile?

1 Oct
That's right.

That’s right.

Hi. Remember how I was pretty good about updating the old blog, here…and then I got a job and I got busier and busier and then, yeah, notsomuch with the updates? And then, like, a year went by? Well, it happens, people. Look how much jadeite I managed to collect when I wasn’t blogging! So much I had to buy a cabinet to put it in. I blame Pinterest.
010 All this stuff went into the booth this week. Except for the pink clock. That one stayed right here with me.
014 I couldn’t keep these guys, though. Mother and I found them at the World’s Longest Yard sale. Their names are Poncho and Lefty and they are in the booth.
018 This is me at the World’s Longest Yard sale. I bought lots!
This is Mother. She was a trooper. The World’s Longest Yard Sale is very long! And hot.
Isn’t this cart cute? I already sold it.
034And in case you have been wondering what is up with my unpaid helper, she has grown 6 inches. And she still doesn’t like the flea market.

Mrs. T

Estate sale news

19 Mar


Hey y’all…we’re working on an estate sale in East Nashville this weekend at work that some of you local vintage enthusiasts who occasionally read my blog won’t want to miss….it’s on Estatesales.net. It’s one of those little old East Nashville houses where the owner literally did not throw away anything for 60 years. And yeah, some of it is garbage (I’ve racked up our highest trash hauling bill in recent memory for this sale…) but UNDER the garbage is a lot of cool stuff. The house has a kitchen on each level–one in the attic and one in the basement, with vintage appliances and kitchen stuff in each…lots of vintage clothing (Lisa!), vintage Christmas décor (Rae, Eartha!), vintage glassware, barware…vintage plates from various states–who collects those? I went through it today…it starts Thursday a.m., so be there early if you are coming. Address on estatesales.net, or if you get the newsletter from my work, you can see the address there. I’m actually working the sale on Thurs. because we are a little short-staffed, so say hi if you see me!  xoxo, LaurenT


Jadeite Akro Agate Tea Set

31 Jan
Hello, beautiful

Hello, beautiful

Hmm…what’s this? A child’s tea set? That I found at the January flea market? It is a well-known fact that I can’t resist retro kitchen toys. I love them. I want to buy ALL of them. But sadly, I am too old for toys and I don’t have unlimited room.

Not green glass. Jadeite. I know.

Not green glass. Jadeite. I know.

But it will be hard to sell this set, manufactured by the Akro Agate Co., in Clarkesburg, West Virginia….because it is jadeite. And you know how I feel about the jadeite.



So…this is adorable. And in the original box, with the killer-diller retro graphics. UGH. Whyyyy must I sell it?? Well, I will tell you. Because the booth seems to be moving a stupid amount of merchandise and I need to keep up with it, for profitability and all that nonsense. Whatever. Who wants to have a tea party before it goes to the booth??

Other people want to be warm, too, for cryin' out loud!

Other people want to be warm, too, for cryin’ out loud!

Also, any thoughts on how to get this dog off the heating vent so that it can be warm in my living room? She’s living on this vent. It’s not okay. xoxo, Mrs. T

Happy New Year!

5 Jan

disney4 Hi there! We spent last week with my parents and children in Florida, which was not quite as warm and sunny as I would have preferred but still very fun. Here we are at Disney Studios…I always like the 1980’s-does-’50’s charm of the park’s Prime Time Café, but we never eat here anymore because the menu isn’t actually that great. I picked the Brown Derby this year, but Mother and I actually like the Drive-in restaurant the best…the monster movies are too fun.  Disney Studios has the best theming if you like retro…the lobby décor of the Tower of Terror is pretty much my favorite thing in the whole park (the ride is fun, but I actually go to see the lobby.
010 If you know me, you know that I cannot resist a ridiculous handbag. Bejeweled, themed, tacky…if it’s something that most people look at and say, “I would never carry that”, the more likely I am to fall head-over-heels in love with it. So, when I saw that there was a Disney-themed Dooney & Bourke bag with retro-looking graphics? Yeah…I am powerless to resist that sort of thing. There’s really nothing I can do about it. I wish I could quit you, tacky handbags! But I can’t.

Every blog I read seems to be all about the new years resolutions. Which I think is awesome. I’m a big fan of resolutions and goal-setting and it makes me happy when other people get equally enthusiastic about it.  One of my resolutions for this year is to dress up more–and especially to wear the vintage or vintage-inspired things I like, even if I don’t have a reason. I have a lot of skirts and dresses, and I like to buy them…but when it comes time to get dressed in the morning, I think I just default to jeans and a knit top because it’s comfortable. And also, I really hate it when people ask me what I’m all dressed up for, as if they can’t imagine that I would possibly have somewhere to go to that would warrant dressing up. (I don’t. I go to work and Kroger and that’s all. But still.) Honestly, after several days of people-watching at the various Florida theme parks and traipsing through several airports, I’m becoming convinced that dressing up is possibly the most sartorially outside-of-the-norm thing that you can do. People who are dressed up DO look out-of-place…because it’s really not what everyone is doing.  It’s interesting to me that I no longer really notice things like facial piercings and those earrings that stretch out your earlobes…people who have them just seem to kind of blend in with the crowd. Large tattoos? Who doesn’t have those, anymore? Dyed pastel-colored hair? You can buy the dye at Target so why not? Not that I have anything against any of these things, but it’s that what used to be considered counterculture is now just kind of the norm, in my opinion, and dressing up, which went totally unnoticed 50 years ago, has become a little on the weird side. I don’t know…it is interesting to me to think about it. Also, I’m not the sort of person who likes to stick out in a crowd. I like to blend in. Which makes it easier to not bother with the dressing up…but anyway, I’m going to work on it.  I recently read a memoir about a women in the Pacific Northwest who wears a corset and a sort of nouveau-Victorian outfit every day. I’m not going that crazy. But I will endeavor to wear skirts more.  Okay, writing this out makes me think that I am probably way more self-conscious than I need to be.

So, happy new year to you, and I hope that yours is off to a great start! The Mister and I are actually taking a big trip this week that we’ve been looking forward to for a long time. I will look forward to sharing pictures with you when we return. xoxo, Mrs. T

Booth update

23 Dec

asv Season’s Greetings!

The Mister and I have worked extra-hard on the booth this month because we sold some furniture pieces in November…the red Nu-Maid Hoosier-style cabinet and the red-and-white dinette set found a new home (we suspect that they were purchased for a new restaurant in East Nashville, but do not have confirmation–we’ll let you know when/if we do, though!). November was my biggest month since the booth opened, and December has been pretty good, too…we have been scrambling to source enough saleable vintage to keep the mix fresh, given our busy schedules. ASV 12.21.13

Here’s me at the booth…in my favorite horse sweater and $10 flea market skirt (wool, lined, circa 1950’s with union label…totally mint, very warm!).

The Mister recently sent a picture of our kitchen to the Big Chill folks and they posted it on their Facebook page. That was fun, but when you put yourself out there, you are always opening yourself to mean-spirited or critical comments. We got a few. big chillSome people thought that the black-and white tile was too cold. Some people thought the vent was placed too high (it is, we know!). Some people thought that the green wasn’t good and they would have chosen another color (ah, do you think I didn’t agonize about the color? I did, oh, I did!) But other people “got” it. Some people loved it. And all I can say…is that you really do have to create the house that YOU love. I once built a house with granite countertops and stainless appliances. It was everything I was supposed to like–popular, high-end finishes…but the only thing I really liked was the salvage-yard cast iron farmhouse sink. That kitchen WAS really nice. But it wasn’t really me. I’m the kind of person who has to learn the hard way, but I do learn! This house looks like me. The real me.

So, Merry Christmas to you from me and the Mister! We are looking forward to another year of flea markets, estate sales, definitely a return to the World’s Longest Yard Sale, and sharing our love of old junk with our friends.  xoxo, Mrs. T


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